5 Reasons your Training Plan isn’t Working For You

1: No plan:

This is the number one killer of motivation. You see it all the time, bewildered people walking into gyms and making a straight line for the machines (see #8), they do 8-15 repetitions, sit for two minutes then go it again, they then wander on over to a couple other machines, or spend ten minutes between sets talking to friends. After about thirty minutes of this they get bored and leave the gym.

There is no progression in this training, no design that addresses the imbalances in their bodies and no progression to heavier weights or new movements, they are not challenging their body, so there  is no training stimulus. To get stronger you have to work the muscle beyond its current capacity, and without a well-designed training plan you won’t progress to reach your goals.

I hope your plan is better then his.

2: Bad Form:

Whenever I walk into giant gyms, where people are $ signs and have improper guidance, I cringe when I step into the weight room. There are countless people attempting to squat (knebøy), and deadlift (markløft). These people are clued in to some extent, they know that these movements are the best for getting stronger and leaner bodies. Unfortunately they have no idea how to execute these movements correctly, their backs are rounded, shoulders pulled forward, their knees are knocking together, the exact opposite of correct form.

This poor form is a sure recipe for injury, usually really bad, nasty injuries that linger the rest of your life. These injuries keep people out of training for months, if not years.

Proper form is easy to teach, it just takes time, and a constant reinforcement of the basics. If you are lifting with improper form your training will not last long.

3: Poor Diet:

“Gains happen outside the gym”, as does loss. When you are training correctly you overload your body in the gym, and then when you go home, eat right, drink water, and get lots of rest, you get stronger and leaner. Many people think that just training a couple hours a week will give them solid beautiful bodies and unending health.

It doesn’t work that way. You need to eat, and eat right to be healthy, get strong and lose weight. This means cutting out all the processed crap, eating a lot of fruits, veggies and lean meat. It really is that simple.

Not the best food choice

Not the best food choice

4: Having a Bad Training Plan:

This can be as bad as not having a training plan at all! If your plan is not designed to meet your goals, then you will never reach them. It is as simple as that.

If you want to get stronger and your plan is some sort of amalgamation of bodybuilding and Jane Fonda you will probably get weaker, or injured. If you want to lose weight and your plan has you ignoreing the weights and running lots you won’t lose the weight.

Have a plan that is designed with your goals in mind, make sure you know who to do every movement on it correctly, if you don’t know what you are doing, get a personal trainer to show you how (provided they know what they are doing).

5: choosing the wrong goals:

To actually succeed in your training plan you need short (STG) and long term goals (LTG), and they need to be good ones.

Example STG: Lose 5kg of fat, gain 5kg of muscle

LTG that the STG ties into: Get lean and strong so I can….(insert reason here)

Common reasons: Play with my kids and grandkids, get better at sports, be healthy, have confidence, look great.

When you choose your goal ask yourself “why does this matter to me, why is it important”. Come up with five reasons that matter most to you, and use those when you are lacking motivation.

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