Want to Reach Your Goals? Be Consistent. Part 1

people tell me they have been trying for years to achieve their fitness (hell, life) goals, bullshit, they have been failing in the same way for years. If you want to change you have to do something different, find what works, be consistent. Don’t lie to yourself and don’t ever make excuses.

There are a lot of people who only talk. They talk about quitting smoking, eating healthy, losing weight, about finally hitting the gym and getting strong.

They talk all the time, every year.

Or to me

Or to me













They never get a damn step closer to their goals.

Sure they might make the attempt to get healthy, they make giant sweeping changes!

“This time will be different!”

“I am serious this time”

They tell this to anyone and everyone who will listen. They work for a couple of weeks, then they trip up, decide that it isn’t worth it. Old habits resurface…They fail.

But hey! next time will be different.

It won’t

Changing just isn’t that easy, taking 10, 20, 30 years of shitty habits and unhealthy living and turning that around takes time, effort and consistency.

A month in the gym isn’t going to turn that all around.
Switching out chips for carrots isn’t going to get your organs pumping smoothly.
cutting down from 6 cups of coffee to 3 isn’t going to magically help your nervous system go from crispy and burned out, to healthy and jumped up.

None of those things are a magic pill, but you put those things together, and take consistent action to maintain those habits, and you are on the path to something great and life changing.

How do you do this?

Work for your goals

Work for your goals

1. set a goal
2. make a plan
3. take small steps
4. prioritize
5. Stick to your guns

How do I know this at 28? I have been through a lot, I have failed in the same way for years at a time, I have lost my way and found it again. I have helped hundreds of people on their path to health and fitness.I have seen where they fail, and shown them the path to achieve their goals.Those that succeed do so through hard work and consistency,those that fail do so because they lack dedication and willpower.

This might seem harsh, but it is the truth, Those that succeed do so because they truly want to, they work hard consistently, and they prioritize. It’s simple.

Check out part 2 If you want to know how to rock those 5 steps to reaching your goals and what I am going to do to prove to you this system works. Part 2