My name is Trevor Smith, I am a licensed PT and SSC (Strength and Conditioning Specialist) through ISSA, and I have a bachelor’s of Science (BS), I have 5 years’ experience as a trainer, and I run my own personal training business.

I am married and I live in Sandnes. My wife is Norwegian which is why I am here!

I love fitness and Strength Training; I firmly believe that it is the best way to live an amazing life.

“You don’t train to add years to your life; you train to add life to your years”

Get strong, fast, lean, and healthy now, so you have it when it matters, and you can use it for the rest of your life.

I live and breathe what I do, I am a fitness geek, I invest in my knowledge, I read and learn more every day. I believe that making you the best version of yourself is the greatest gift I have to give. I work hard to be the best coach and trainer there is, because I will accept nothing less from myself.

I love movement, lifting heavy weight, climbing, crawling, sprinting, and throwing. Getting better at moving like a cracked out gorilla is what centers me and brings me back to who I am and shows me what we, as people, are truly capable of.

I despise hypocrisy, double standards, and cowards. Everything I take my people through I have done myself. What I tell my people to do, I do myself.  The movements I teach I do every day.  I believe in Integrity, honesty, transparency, and hard work.

I strive every day to lead by example, and to have fun while doing it.