An Open Letter to my People

I was recently reading an article by a strength coach that I have heavy respect for. This guy doesn’t just get great results, but he understands the body, movement, and what motivates people. In his most recent post he said:

“Every single thing you do in this world gets you closer to something. Practice according to the goal.”

That is some poignant shit right there, a game changing sentence if ever there was one.

It got me thinking “what am I practicing for, what is my goal”, I answered myself very quickly.

My goal is to have a rocking gym, I am going to make Strength and Conditioning (SC) into an institution of unrivaled awesomeness.  A place where people come to crush their weakness, to achieve their fitness goals, an institution that breaks down people’s mental barriers so they can see what they are truly capable of.

This is a broad goal, a very intense goal, a goal that is a consistent motivator to me.

As many of you know I have had a rough couple of years: The death of my mother, moving to a new country, being a broke college grad with loan repayments in a new (expensive) country, moving away from my friends and family, struggling with depression, Starting a business from nothing, Starting the process of dealing with my feelings related to my mother’s passing.

Those things add up, that sort of thing could crush a man.

Every single one of these things has made me stumble, several have brought me to my knees. They have slowed me down and discouraged me, they have made me question myself and my place in this world.

But you know what? Those things are fuel for a fire. Those things are life, they are the steps that we must climb in order to become the best version of ourselves, the person we see in our minds and are afraid to let out screaming FREEDOM into the world.

I have a goal, a dream, and a vision. A truth that I will pursue relentlessly.

My clients motivate me; their progress is what keeps me pumping every day. Their progress is paramount to me. Every day I am making the path so they can get closer to something. That thing is their goal. I don’t care what the goal is, I will help them reach it. In helping them reach their goal they are helping me reach mine.

“Every single thing you do in this world gets you closer to something. Practice according to the goal.”

We don’t get a lot of time, don’t waste yours. Everyone has stumbling blocks, everyone has rough shit happening. Don’t use it a crutch, don’t make it into the excuse that hobbles your legs and crushes your dreams.

Think about your goal, think about what you want to achieve.

Put yourself in a position to achieve it.

Now work hard.