Common Reasons People Leave Gyms

I talk to lots of people that want to get “in shape”, this is a great goal, but how are you going to do it? Many people buy a gym membership, get excited, go in twice a week and bang away at the machines for an hour or so, and walk away thinking that they are on their way to a healthier functional body. Unfortunately it doesn’t work like that. The majority of people that do this lose their motivation after a couple of weeks, the more dedicated people last a month or two. 98% of people leave the gym after seeing no gains in strength, and little to no fat lose. People get bored and loose motivation when their hard work doesn’t pay off, so they leave the gym and this cycle repeats itself for years.

Usually people find similar excuses for stopping training and leaving the big gyms;

• Busy at work
• Lots to do at home
• They can just walk and do some pushups at home
• They will come back to the gym later when they have more time
• The training was actually hurting them
• If their training is not working for them why should they pay for it?

Here is the breakdown on those excuses and how to get around them. Lets face it, there are reasons holding you back from the level of fitness, the body, and the athletic ability that you want.

Busy at work:

Everyone is busy at work, jobs are stressful and at the end of the day most people just want to get home and relax. The problem with this is that after a day of sitting at work, people are coming home and sitting again! Sure it is relaxing, but at some point everyone realizes that this is a very unhealthy way to go about life, so they get the gym membership, have a go at it, and then leave. This repeats for years while health and strength slowly fade away. Instead of getting out of work and going home to sit some more, people should have a gym that they enjoy going to, that promises results for people that work hard and has a Training plan that will make them stronger, fitter, and more conditioned. In short; a training and nutrition plan that constantly delivers results, doesn’t get boring, and counters all the negative effects of not moving at work all the time.

Busy at home:

See the reasons above, they are very similar. Not looking after your health will ensure your inability to do what you want as you get older. If you think that you are too busy to be part of a training plan now, then how will it look after 30yrs of neglecting your body? Not too good, your body will be weak, full of strange pains, and soft. This is preventable! Just stop making excuses.

They can just walk and do some pushups at home:

Walking is ok, I am not going to ever say stop walking, but it isn’t enough. It doesn’t really strengthen the heart or the lungs, people need to do more than just walk. Pushups are great, they really are, but they are only a small part of the big picture. They will strengthen your chest, but what about your back (the area most people have pain and weakness, even young guys), your legs or your core? Training needs to focus on the whole body, not just one or two parts of the body. This is not that hard to accomplish either. My people get much stronger, and much more conditioned by training 3 hours a week! That is not a lot, that is only 1.8% of your week.

They will come back to the gym later when they have more time:

People usually come in and out of gyms, I repeat myself when I say It is due to:

• Diminishing motivation
• Lack of a good training plan
• Boredom
• Lack of results

They may go back to the gym, but after a couple weeks they are gone again. People work best when they are in an environment that encourages them to get better, have fun, and doesn’t accept excuses. People deserve to be in a training environment that truly gives a shit about them and wants them to succeed, not just another number in the computer system.

The training was actually hurting them

Everything about this is unsafe


This happens a lot, with young men and women, as well as more older men and women. It is a great reason to stop training, if your plan is giving you long lasting chronic pain then it is no good. Some pain in training is normal, it is actually a good thing! But this is the pain that comes from pushing your body, as you get stronger and your body adapts to training this type of pain becomes less and less frequent. This is not the pain that lasts for weeks or months and never goes away. That is chronic pain, and nobody wants that, proper training can prevent this sort of pain, in a way that monthly visits to your physical therapist or chiropractor never could.

The pain that comes from poorly designed plans and terrible lifting technique is inexcusable. This is the pain that leads to injuries, and impaired movement. Sort of the opposite that you want out of a training program.

Learn how to lift correctly, get on a training plan that can push your body progressively and put yourself in an environment that motivates you, and makes sure that you are fixing chronic pain, and preventing it from coming back.


If their training is not working for them why should they pay for it?

That says it all, if your training is ineffective and not doing anything for you why pay for it? I am not going to buy a pretty looking car with a faulty engine, so why should you buy into a training system that doesn’t work?

This comes back to the right environment, and competent trainers. If you have an experienced personal trainer that gives a shit about you, and works to create and environment that encourages people, and pushes them, you will get results. This will happen as long as the training plan is realistic and well designed, and the person being trained actually listens to the trainer.

There you are, the most common excuses and the ways to get around them.
• Be in a training environment that encourages you.
• Have a proper plan that gets you stronger, fitter and in better condition.
• Get a Trainer that knows what he is doing and teaches correct lifting technique.
• Have a training plan that fixes your body and allows it to move powerfully and without pain.
• Stop making excuses and get in an environment that doesn’t accept them!

Find a gym that has PT’s that know what they are doing, that will push you to succeed and teach you the correct way to train.
If you can’t think of a gym that does this check out the contact section of this page, send me an email, FB message, or phone call to schedule your free week trail at my gym!