Get Stronger and more Powerful!

How to get Strong, and Powerful

Being fit and healthy is has different definitions according to who you talk too. Some are very complex others simple,  At the core of every definition this is what I believe to be universal:

Being fit and healthy means having Strength, Power, and Endurance in movement

That is a very simple definition, and that is the way that training should be; simple, and effective.

Sadly modern fitness has moved away from this ideal, Trainer and trainee have fallen prey to shiny machines, vibrating floors, and fad exercises. Many of the current trends in fitness yield little positive results, they increase the risk of injury, or are just needlessly exhausting and sadistic. The fitness industry is moving away from training that works to ‘flavor of the week’ exercises. “flavor of the week exercises” seem interesting, but they are usually needlessly dangerous, inefficient, and used as an excuse for poor training plans and working hard.

The "Shake Weight"...sigh

If you put in hard work, use the right exercises In the correct order, and have a great training plan, you WILL get results.

I run my business by working hard, being honest, and living with integrity. I expect the same from my people. So here is some honesty for you.

How to get strong: Big Compound Movements

These are squats (Kneboy) , deadlifts (Markloft), and Pressing Movements.

Good Form+Heavy Weight= Strength

These movements use almost every muscle in the body, the exact way they are supposed to be used. when executed properly they will get people strong and healthy. Done incorrectly they can lead to injuries that take you out of training for months. Which is why you must learn how do them right!

How to be Powerful: Olympic lifting, and Jumping

The lifts: Clean and jerk, snatch, Clean and press (there are more, but we will stick with these for now)

The Jumps: Rocket, Broad, one legged, Box (there are buckets more, again, we will stick with this today)

Build Explosive Power

Do both movements out of both of these categories and you will lose fat, gain muscle, increase your conditioning, become strong, and very powerful.

Being strong, and powerful are two cornerstones of being fit and healthy, and they are often left out of training programs because they require effort and knowledge to be implemented properly. It you are not using movements from both catagories you are never going to get where you want to be.

Find a Training environment that teaches proper form, encourages excellence, and has consistently satisfied clients. That is the first step towards getting Strong and Powerful which will make you fit and healthy.