I Don’t Train Average People

Average is not who I am training

This isn't average

You might walk through my doors being average, but you won’t leave that way. You will leave a stronger, fitter, person. Both in your body and your mind.

What is average, and what is wrong with it?

  • Average sits on the couch all the time, after a day of sitting in the office
  • Average complains about not being healthy and fit, yet takes no action to get better
  • Average avoids hard work
  • Average leads a boring life

What won’t average do?

  • Average won’t lose fat
  • Average won’t gain lean functional muscle that works hard and looks great
  • Average won’t EVER become strong
  • Average will not be healthy

See what I mean? Average is a sucky place to be. If you take offense to this then training  with my people won’t work, you won’t fit in with them. Some of them where once average, they aren’t anymore, they are now stronger in body and mind. My people work hard, in the gym, and in life, they balance their lives and priorities.

Hard Work is good for the body and soul

My people get RESULTS!

My people aren’t average.

I train my people to succeed, in the gym, and in life.

The skills that they learn weekly with me transfer to every part of their life. Skills like:

  • Hard work
  • Perseverance
  • Teamwork
  • Mental toughness
  • Integrity


I don’t train average.

I train people that want  the best results of their life, I train people that want to be strong and healthy for life, I train people that work hard.

I train remarkable people.