I train people so that they can become the strongest version of themselves possible. Nothing makes me happier then when one of my people breaks through a barrier and achieves a goal that they thought was unattainable. Whether this is in the gym or in life, I am proud to be a part of their success.

I believe that fitness should be defined by each person, my personal training goals are not yours, so I will not train you for my goals, I train you for YOUR goals. In the process I will help you become:

  • Stronger in mind and body
  • Leaner
  • Faster
  • Healthier
  • Free of pain and stiffness

I am not your average personal trainer, and the training is not for people that want average results. You will be pushed beyond your comfort level (but never beyond your ability level), and you will work hard, your results will be a direct result of the effort you put in.


I will assess your ability level in the first session and train you according to what you can do, working every session to build you up to your goals.

If you are brand new to training I will take you through preparatory exercises to get you moving correctly, strongly, and safety before I advance you to a more complex training program.

If you are an advanced lifter I will make you stronger, leaner, and more explosive

Type of Training:

I train the body as a whole, rather than piece by piece. The body moves as a unit, so I train it as such, using compound multi-joint movements (using your whole body in a single movement) to build crazy strength and burn massive amounts of fat.

You can expect to push and pull weights (Deadlift, squat, overhead press, drag sleds, push sleds, Olympic lift, strongman exercises) , master your own body weight (pushups, pullups, sprints), and achieve an incredibly high level of conditioning and athleticism (jumping, Kettle bells, metabolic complexes). I use all the tools that work to help you achieve your desired results.

Small Group Training:

All the training is done in Small groups of 2-5 people. This keeps people motivated, and creates a fun, supportive, and when it is needed competitive training atmosphere. The energy level when training in a group is enormous, everyone gets stronger because of it.

The small size allows me to spend time on individual needs and goals, while pushing everyone to do better than the week before.


Proper nutrition is the keystone to a healthy life, a great body, and your goals. I offer nutrition consoling and personal meal plans for your needs and goals.