Strength and Conditioning Origin Story: Part 1

1 year!

Strength and Conditioning has had it’s own facility for one year. It has been a hell of a journey so far, and it promises to be even better in the years to come. SC belongs to everyone who has become a part of it. You are the people that make it special, that bring the fire, and push through to become stronger in body and mind. Some of you know how SC came to be, so of you might even know the full story about my coming to Norway, I will lay it all out for you right here!


The Original


 Where I came from:

I was broke when I moved to Norway, I had just gotten out of college and as everyone knows student debt in the USA is at an all-time high. I had a couple of suitcases of stuff, and my amazing wife Ann Helen.


The first couple of months where a bit rough, a new place is fun, but it is hard when you don’t know anybody, have a language barrier (yes most Norwegians speak English, that doesn’t mean they want to), and can’t seem to break through the chilly Norsk exterior. On top of all this I didn’t have a Visa, so I couldn’t work! I asked Anna to find a good local gym for us to train at, and she found Ganddal Athletic Clubb, a crazy group of powerlifters tucked away in a smelly dungeon gym, chalk dust everywhere, Atlas stones, Giant tires, and tons of weight…I was in love immediately.


Anna and I spent a lot of time with her family, meeting her friends, meeting new people, Training, and setting up our living space. This worked out pretty well for a couple of months, but I started getting bored, Anna started working, and I was left with little to do and lots of time. I decided to start training people for free, if I couldn’t legally make money, I could make people strong, and do what I love.


I set put up a sign in GAK for “Gratis Personlig Trening” and left it until it was full. I had 9 guys in 3 days. People at GAK knew I was a crazy American, with all sorts of strange exercises, but they also seemed to know I wasn’t entirely full of shit. Out of those original 9, 4 are still training hard with my plans, and getting great results. Those months in GAK were great, I learned a lot from the powerlifters, my guys were getting strong, and I was making connections with good people in my new home. I was looking forward to my first Julestevna at GAK, but then I got the call to come home.


My Mother had been fighting a particularly aggressive cancer for two years, and she decided that enough was enough, Chemo wasn’t working, so she let things take there course. I got an expedited Visa, and went home to be with her until the end. It was a hard time, and those memories are still hard, but I was and am very proud of her.

When I got back to Norway I was burned out, an emotional wreck, a little bit lost, and exhausted. In spite of all that, in spite of the last month of sadness, I had a fire inside. My mom taught me the most important lesson of my life as hers was ending,

“don’t waste time doing what you dislike, life fly’s fast and you have an obligation to share your gifts with the world”

Sharing Knowledge



I had a Job at Elixia a week after I got back. I kept my optimism for it for two weeks, I had plans for leaving after a month, after two months I got the go ahead from the GAK guys to train people out of their facility. I started out with one client, and whatever space I could stake out in a small, dirty, old, very busy, and wonderful gym. That was the start, nothing was guaranteed, I knew I had to work my ass off, I also knew that I would not fail, even if I lost the shirt off my back I would build a place dedicated to athletic fitness, and improving people’s lives.


Part 2 coming later in the week: 5 gyms in a year, SC Gets it’s own location, Satisfaction?