Strength and Conditoning is Moving to it’s Own Location!

You might be wondering, at various points during your day ,“What is happening at Strength and Conditioning“(henceforth referred to as SC)?

Sometimes the wait gets violent

I know you, sitting at your office chair, checking back every five minutes, anxiously awaiting the next update…slowly wasting away from malnutrition, and dehydration….

I am here to answer your question, be prepared the answer is super awesome, and you might burst a capillary:


That’s right, I am shouting, with multiply exclamation points, just to show you how seriously excited I am.

Here is what it looks like, from the outside, the inside is still some sort of costume/toy warehouse, five year old me is pretty excited about that part, and a little confused about the giant novelty breasts.

The white building, all of it! 150 sq meters.

This location is amazing, right off the highway, it is a ways away from traffic congestion, it has a huge parking lot that no-one but me and my people can use. The ceilings are high, the building has oxygen, and light, it has 130 square meters that are usable.

In short folks, it is paradise.

I know you are asking yourself “How can I be a part of this amazing facility for physical awesomeness”?

Well you can join right now, just drop me a line.


We won’t be in the new location until Mid December. Until then we will continue training out of Ganddal Atletklubb.

I am going to be offering preferred locked in rates to people that join me before we move to the new location.

I signed a five year lease. This gym is going to be something big. My mission is to make 5,000 people in this country the strongest version of themselves possible, I will need time to do this, but I will do it! With my own location the environment is in my hands, and in the hands of my people. It is as much their place as it is mine, their amazing attitudes and stellar success make the gym what it is

I will post pictures of the renovation, and the gym right before opening. I have a great crew offering to help me out. I look forward to seeing you in the new place!