Testimonial from Rasmus

My Name is Rasmus Klausen, I am 20 years old.

The training program I used before training with Trevor was a very basic training program. Bench press, squat, deadlift, etc. For me it was not working too well, I got more muscles, but I was also trying to lose weight. The program I used didn’t work well for weight loss and I sort of gave up for a period when I didn’t reach my goals.

Then Trevor started training at GAK and my cousin (who started training with Trevor a couple of weeks earlier) recommended I try it. During the first couple of training sessions I did with Trevor I always thought: Dude this looks stupid and idiotic and we looked like some monkeys running around.
But I stuck with it because after each training session I felt good. I was dead tired, but it was a good if not a great feeling.

The training method  Trevor uses is very old school and we often use our own bodyweight in the exercises, but like many things the old ways is just as good, if not better.

After just a couple of weeks i started to feel a big difference. I got more energy, didn’t get tires as fast as I did before, the exercises became “easier” to do, my weight went down and the weights I used in the exercises went up. All this resulted in a much better mental toughness , I actually started to feel good and even great about myself. The problems I had  before training with Trevor started to fade away and life became easier, as I became more confident and began to move better. I still train with Trevor and will do that as long as I can, I’m in so much better shape and life is just great 😉

Before I started training with Trevor I was stuck in many of the exercises i used, I could not put on more weights no matter what I tried. After I started training with Trevor, that isn’t a problem anymore. The weights I lift are gaining all the time and I am strengthening my entire body, not just a few muscle groups. People are commenting all the time how they think i look so much better and have lost much weight since I started training with him.

I strongly recommend training with Trevor, not just because it works but because he is a great coach. He uses much time on making you do the exercises correct so you don’t hurt yourself in any way. If you have questions he always answers the best he can, and he is always driving you forwards.

Start training with Trevor down at GAK, you will never regret it, and it is a life changer.