Three Exercieses That Will Prevent Back Pain

There are a lot of people walking around with back pain. Students, office workers, health care practitioners, mechanics, welders, electricians…etc. These people are in pain every day, they go to doctors, and physical therapists to try to relieve the constant nagging pain, but the treatments never truly last.

After seeing a physio they might feel good for a couple of weeks, then the pain comes back, then they go see a physio or chiropractor again, they feel good for a couple weeks, then the pain happens again. This circle keeps repeating, people don’t see a way out. Guess what?

There is a way out. 95% of people’s back pain can be cured, simply.

No drugs, no long waits for a physio, or chiropractor, just hard work, and dedication.

The answer: Get stronger

Many people have weak backs and shoulders, 75% of Norway’s workforce are employed in an office type environment. This means that people are sitting all the time, upwards of sixteen hours a day. This causes the body to stay locked in rigid positions for long periods of time.

Most people that come into my gym have shortened hip flexors (front of leg muscles), elongated shoulder muscles (loose and floppy like noodles), tight chest muscles and weak painful backs and hips. The reason for this is the sitting. The human body is designed to move, not long ago people had to jump, sprint, lift heavy things, and push and pull objects to survive, and that is how we evolved. Sitting for 8-16hrs a day is not what we were designed to do. When we sit for such extended periods parts of our nervous system become sluggish, our muscles ‘forget’ how to work, and we get pain because our bodies are weak and can no longer move properly.

Back to getting stronger.

Getting your back and hips strong will help to counter act all that time sitting. The sort of strength that you need comes from moving your body through space, not sitting (seriously why do more of it?) on a exercise machine grinding out repetitions.

Here are a couple movements that my people use to get strong and pain free!

Band Pull Aparts:

These work the upper back and shoulders, doing these with chest stretches will strengthen your shoulders and help to fix upperback and shoulder pain.

Farmers Walks:

I love Farmers Walks, they build a bullet proof upper, lower back, shoulders, hips, and abs. They also build a strong grip. These are key to building a strong back

Reverse Row

Reverse Rows:

This is a simple bodyweight movement (think the opposite of pushups) that many people struggle with.  These will build a strong back, and really help to counteract all that sitting.

These are all good movements, remember if you implement them into a program incorrectly, or perform them wrong you are not helping yourself, and you are leaving yourself open to injury. Train correctly and you will be healthy, train incorrectly and you will not achieve your goals.

If you train correctly, then you will get the level of fitness and health that you have always wanted.