Frequently Asked Questions

I have struggled with fitness goals in the past, could this work for me?

I have never had a client, online, or in person that has not struggled with starting, or continuing at one point or another. Losing motivation, having a hard time getting going, and sometimes not prioritizing yourself are issues we all face at one time. That is why we are making the programs easy to follow, and fast to complete. If you start to struggle, or just need a little help jump starting we have the Facebook group, full of people who have faced the same challenges and with help and support, overcome them to reach their fitness goals.

You have a lot of content, Where should I start?

There are years worth of Strength and Conditioning training programs, starting with all that can be intimidating. That is why we made 4 separate starting solutions on the front page.

  1. Beginner: If you have never been in a gym, or are just getting back in from a long break, this is the program for you. We will teach you the basics and help you master them, this sets the foundation for life long fitness. Once completed you can jump into any other program.
  2. Starting Weight Loss: If you are out of shape and just starting up, and your goal is to shed some excess kilos here is where you start. The movements are simple, easy to follow, and designed to get your weight loss started. From here you can start on the Monthly Programs, and choose the conditioning option to keep the weight loss going.
  3. Starting Hypertrophy: Here is where you start your muscle gaining journey. If you want to get big and strong, here is where you start. Once completed you can jump right into the monthly program to keep getting outstanding results.
  4. Monthly Program: Here is the main course, our monthly programs have everything you want; Muscle gain, fat loss, and athletic fitness. They are guessed it! Monthly! These are the fitness programs that I write for my clients that create long term, lasting results.

Can these programs work for beginners?

80% of my clients have started from having almost no experience in weight training. We have years of experience teaching and building people up from many starting positions. Nothing makes us happier than seeing and hearing out our clients reaching their goals and gaining confidence in themselves and their bodies. No matter the starting point we have your back. If you are still worried, send me a message and I will personally get back to you.

What about more advanced lifters?

Advanced Lifters have advanced needs, and we strive to meet them in the monthly programming. We have taken men and women in high level athletics who have trained for years and made them stronger, faster, and more resilient to injury, all by following the monthly programming. If that is not enough for you, you can send me a message, I will be sure to do all I can to help you with your goals.

What am I really getting here?
In this place you are getting years worth of progress and results. You get a path to follow, a program that guides you, and a community that will help you along the way. You have instruction in every movement, every program, and in every step of your fitness journey. You have Strength and Conditioning at your back, and our expertise at your finger tips.

What If I have to ask you a training question?

When you sign up for the program we will send you an email with your login information and an invitation to our Private Facebook community. There you can ask any question and post a video of you training asking for form corrections. We will respond and give guidance in every instance.

Can I cancel at anytime?

Yes, just go to account and cancel. If you do, we will ask why, and see if there was any way we could have helped you better. Before you do, please send me a personal message from the contact page, I would love to see how we can keep you on your way to fitness success.

How do I pay?

You pay by Debit or Credit card, and the money will be drawn every month.