How strength and conditioning works

Strength and Conditioning is a virtual training resource to help you get in the best shape of your life. Through our library of training videos, we help you get the most out of your workout by promoting versatility, proper form and variety in your exercises. Our training programs go through cardio, strength training, flexibility and general conditioning, and through our subscription services, we can record special videos tailored to your individual needs.

There are three ways to access our training library:

Individual Videos

If you’re just getting started on a fitness regiment or are looking to mix things up a bit, we sell all of our videos on an individual basis via our training library Each training video you purchase can be streamed or downloaded directly after purchase via your user account page.

Cost: dependent on video

Individual Fitness Package.

By becoming a member of Strength and Conditioning, you get access to our entire video library to stream or download. Use them as a resource to enhance your own training, start a new exercise regimen or check your form. If you’re a personal trainer yourself, use our videos to help your client perform exercises at home or in free training sessions.

Cost: $25/month

Personal Trainer Package.

For those interested in a tailored fitness regimen, head trainer Trevor Smith and his staff will record specialized training videos just for you to help you reach your goals. Only you have access to these videos, and you can stream them from the gym, home or studio to get the most of your training. As a personal trainer subscriber, you also have the ability to ask questions to Trevor and his staff as you need, giving you virtual personal trainers at a fraction of the price.

Cost: $100/month