Training System Package

By becoming a member of Strength and Conditioning, you get access to the system of training. Enviable results for your clients, that keep them engaged and happy for years. As a member, you get:

  • A new training program every month, with a video showing how to do the program, and a bonus video giving the complete breakdown of the Intent and the reason for the exercise, as well as showing you how to adapt it to your clients.
  • 230+ Exercise Tutorials. These videos not only show you how to do the exercise, but they break down what commonly goes wrong and how to fix it, so you will never be at a loss on how to adapt the exercise to your client.
  • 36+ Months of the training programs. Each month has a written program, a video detailing how to do it, and suggestions for how to adapt the program to individuals. These are the programs that I run in my gym to achieve long lasting results, keep my clients challenged and engaged for years, and above all Healthy!
  • A detailed write-up on how I run my gym, process incoming clients, asses new clients, find the one thing that will keep that new client coming back for months if not years, all while working 25 hours a week on and in the gym.
  • Access to the Facebook group where you can ask me, other coaches, or even some of my long term clients questions, post your challenges, or just toss up some excellent gym memes.
  • Access to me. Ask me a couple questions, make sure this system is right for you and your clients. If you have the question, others do to, so if you ask on the FB group, or ask me, you are helping our community grow stronger.