Karianne Uenes


My name is Karianne Uenes, I am 24 years old and I live in Sandnes. Previously, I was actively training football and self-training at Sats, but as work and school were put into focus, the training went off. I gained weight and reached a point where this was not okay anymore. Now I had to change!! Earlier, I had heard of Strength and Conditioning from buddies, and seen their amazing progression. I thought that if they did it, I would do that too!

I still remember how enormously sore I was in the body after my first workout, and how dizzy I was during the session, but at the same time how GOOD it was! I was greeted with warm smile by the people at the gym and a resounding "HELLO !!" from Trevor. Just felt very welcome, something I appreciated! During the first session, I was put on a kind of test run, so Trevor was going to see my shape. Here he quickly noticed my weak back muscles, something I was aware of and was very happy have taken care of from day one! The exercises were hard versus the "pumping" I had done earlier at the other gym, and I quickly realized that this was solid stuff. Trevor's patience and good explanations of the exercises really gave me confidence, I was bitten by the S & C bug!

My first goal was to change my diet. Of course, I started cutting out soda and sweets while thinking about two times before shoving things in my mouth. Remembering: "What did Trevor say now?" When I took a glass of soda or a little chocolate. All the sugar and the fatty food I ate before did not do me any good! After two months of exercise three times a week and a more balanced diet I went down 7 kg! Think about it the next time you sit relax with Cola and chips! The diet has a lot to say if you want something out of your workout, trust me!

Furthermore, I began to set more concrete goals my exercises. With a competitive instinct of the armies hunting Hitler, I do not give up until the goals have been reached. And you know what? It is wonderful and delicious when you reach your goals! Not only do you get a wildly good feeling, but also praise from the others at S & C! The environment is amazing, where everyone motivates each other. Here, there is no body pressure, nor barbie suits ready for exercise to impress the boys.

From the very beginning, I have had enormous respect for Trevor as a person and coach. He has given me a thorough explanation of the different exercises and been patient while explaining. It's so good to have someone on your side who believes you're able to do more than you thought you could. All glory to this man who has put his love on training and continues his give his knowledge to us! He is positive and committed to his work and makes every effort to achieve your personal goals. Trevor is a proof that you can be American and good, hehe! : -)

Until now, I have learned a lot about the different basic exercises, something I appreciate when I had little knowledge of this from the beginning. I have achieved personal goals, I am constantly motivated and excited about further progression and I am proud of my achievements so far. It does not go a single day without me talking about my training to my closet friends, whether it's own my progression, a new exercise or recommendations. If there something I can not talk warmly enough about and recommend strongly, It is Strength & Conditioning with Trevor in the lead. I do not regret for a second that I became a member and seeing that training has become a part of everyday life rather than a momentary hurricane is incredibly delicious! It has been heavy, but there has never been a thought to give up! This workout is not a dance of roses, but no one has succeed without a little discomfort. If you want to ensure good health, I would check out the training opportunities on Strength & Conditioning NOW!

THOSE THANKS THANKS !!! -for a better life both mentally and physically!
*Translated from Norwegian