Mayliz Eide

Hi! My name is Mayliz Eide, I am 22 years old and come from Ålgård. Throughout my childhood and adolescence, I have been active in sports, ranging from karate to swimming, soccer and handball etc. I have always liked to be active, but when I was 14-15 years old, guillain barre sickness came and not long after meningitis. I had to put the handball training on the shelf for a long time, which meant that the day I should start again was just like starting all the training again. I Have practiced in gyms a little while in the years after being sick, but was never able to reach my goals the way I wanted. Because I did not feel comfortable there, and I did not know how to do the exercises.

I heard about Strength & Conditioning through a girlfriend, as I had seen her before and after picture. I was almost paralyzed by the transformation, and was very excited to try myself. After a conversation with Trevor, whom I at once labeled a great guy and an expert on training, I then signed up and I do not regret this for a second.

The first day and the training came, I was so well received by both Trevor and all the wonderful people at S & C that I immediately knew this was the place for me. It was an incredibly heavy hour, but already, Trevor saw my weak points and did the best he could to make the training for me. Also considering the osteoarthritis I still struggle with today. I became familiar with the others who work here and the environment we have amazing. An absolutely wonderful gang that everyone helps and supports each other, as I was told from the first day "Do not be afraid everyone has been here. Everyone must start somewhere. "

Only after a few weeks I could feel in the whole body that things started happening, I became more positive, got more energy and it was excited for every training. Something that really should not have happened given my negative experiences with training before, but miracles can happen! In fact, knowing you could work out without feeling you have be great at the start, as it is now at gyms, is pretty liberating. There is nobody who judges you and it's simply a positive mood among people all the time. Now I love to work out, see progress and learn new things. It's hard training, but, you learn new things and techniques every single time. You always get help when you ask for it, and being shown the right way to do exerciese in a good and nice way is amazingly wonderful. It helps you, so you can do more than you would ever have imagine. Trevor is always there to ahve your back.

Changing the eating habits was also a struggle, but with the Strength and conditioning community, it made things even easier. After about 3 months of exercise 3 times a week and better diet I went down 7 kg, and the progression continued as just that. Life has become so much easier in view of the exercise, and I get so hugely motivated to see the before and after image of myself. It's not a single day that I do not think of training, and my goals. I will still improve!

The patience, experience and knowledge of Trevor is just completely sick, he can do everything from toe to top and I could not thank him enough for helping me get in shape, and not least, go from hating training to loving it! I would highly recommend Strength & Conditioning. Get into it, and never give up your dreams and goals. Have faith in yourself! All respect to Trevor who puts his mind in training to help others, S & C has become my second home that I will never leave.

You have made my life easier in many ways. THOUSAND THANKS, Trevor !!