Sindre Bråthen

It was October, and I had tried. Year after year my neither body nor mind had fulfilled my expectations. I tried losing weight, and I failed countless times. My body consisted of fat, and saggy parts. I could run for about 2 minutes before getting exhausted, I could do about 10 push-ups with the wrong execution and I weren't really capable of doing anything without feeling bad. My clothes were constantly being swapped out for the bigger sizes, my presence at parties was dropping because I felt bad by my sweat stains and weight. I had been overweight most of my life, and I was depressed.

I'd hear about this place where my friends were working out all the time. “It was the greatest” and “we have never done anything like this before”. They were always telling me how sore they were, and how much they had to push themselves, but at the same time how great they felt! And the results! I thought to myself that it wasn't anything special, seeing that I had tried weight lifting before, but I had to try. The reason I had to try, was that I'd just gotten the plan of going into the Norwegian Army, as a military police soldier, which required physical and mental fitness.

Obviously my friends had asked me to join several times, but I never thought I had any time. I'd think about going, but politely decline – but then, one day, I decided I had nothing better to do, so I went. I was immediately stricken by a classic gym feeling coming in the door. “Oh no!”. We were already 20 minutes late, and my friends had told me how much “Trevor would make us pay!”. I wasn't too worried... but I can say from this day, I have never, ever been so exhausted and surprised by a single workout in my life. Even in the army.

My body was aching. I felt sick, and I had to stick my head out the window more than once to catch some fresh air. We did not have one single stationary exercise and nobody was looking at me like I was a failure (even though I couldn’t keep up) or anything like that – This was very new to me. Everyone was pushing everyone, and nobody was left behind. We all suffered equally! Ever since that day I've worked out at Trevor's Strength and Conditioning as much as I bloody well can! The people are super friendly, they come and go in all shapes and sizes, and the exercise never gets any easier. It's fun, and it's different than anything else I have ever tried in my life.

My methods have changed, my mindset has dramatically improved, and my body has changed. I can push myself much further than before, I can brace my teeth together when things need to be done, and I know that there are NO EXCUSES if you want to lose weight. You do what you have to do, end of story. Trevor is an amazing trainer, and he has really brought out the best in me. Proudly, I now sit at the army's most operative base as a military police corporal. I have lost 21 kilos, and I have never been more proud over my physical and mental state. Trevor has taught me that if I put my mind into something, I really can do it, and I did... I passed all my physical tests in the army, and I am leaner and stronger than ever before. I will always talk well, and proudly about Trevor, his knowledge and his gym.

If you ever plan to do something with your body that needs hard work, I will gladly drag you down to Strength and Conditioning. If you ever have problems with actually getting things done... you need this. You learn how to train, you have fun doing it, you make new friends, and you learn how to achieve YOUR goal. Whether gaining 10 kilos, losing them, become wider or slimmer is your thing, Trevor will help you. If you give it your all, and just dive in there... you both can make it work!

Excuses don't make you stronger... we do!