DAY 1 FOCUS: Building on the foundations set last month, increaseing power and control. Ramping up the muscle growth and fat burn for summer.

• Primary Option 1:
• Start: Bench, Double KB Row, or Deadlifts. FOCUS ON BAR SPEED. If your lifts are feeling slow, this is likely why. Make that nervous system work for you. Bottom Paused bench If you the bar is slow off the chest.

• Secondary Option 1: Strength and muscle gain option

Dumbbell Clean for power, add more weight now. Pull ups for back strength and width, floor press for hypertrophy.
Secondary Option 2: Conditioning and fat loss option
Full body burn, The harder the client goes, the more efficient it is. The Clean and is still a skill movement for newbies. let them take their time on that, the metabolic effect will still be strong. Experienced clients can crush this aggresivly. Add weighted burpees for extra fun.
Core Finish 1:
Hanging leg raise and gymnast abs. The core will cry.

Upper Body Finish 2:
Dips (or floor press), Curls and shoulders.

• Primary Option 1:
Squats, cluster or Lower percentages for the more burned out population. Ab Wheel for low impact extra core volume and a physical cue to brace during the squats.

Primary Option 2:
Ab Wheel, same reasons as above. If the squats need a strong push with experienced clients overload them with the top banded squats. Start at a normal working weight, and progress from there. The bar should move fast, not grind.

• Secondary Option 1:
Posterior chain hell, followed by more of that. Deads, farmers, or hip raises, racked step ups, and more excellent core work.
Secondary Option 2: Conditioning, and athletic fitness
Step ups to sled drags and pushes. As much fun as it sounds.

Finish 1:
Beat those obliques. HEAVY Pallof presses to wood chops.
Finish 2:
High repetition core burnout. More metabolic and intense than Finish 1.

DAY 3 FOCUS: Full body

• Primary Option 1:
Deadlift and STRICT Shoulder Press. Keep most lifters on the shoulder pressing primary, If you have people doing more than 3x a week, or someone with crunchy shoulders, you can give them the floor press.

• Primary Option 2:
Front Squat and Floor Press or bench press. Remember you can mix and match according to goals, make sure one upper body and one lower body movement is used.

• Secondary Option 1: Lovely mix of conditioning and strength. Think STRONGMAN.
Racked carry to push press, to carry, right over to pullups. Repeat, rest...repeat. It works like a charm.

• Secondary Option 2:
Weighted recline rows, one arm overhead presses, and BPA's. This is a winner.
Core Finish 1:
Hammering the upper and lower portion of the core (origin and insertion). I have received a lot of well meaning hate from this.

• Upper Body Finish 2:
Double round high rep burnout. Good for the body, good for the ego.