DAY 1 FOCUS: Getting the new years started right. Hard, fun work.

• Primary Option 1:
• Start: Bench or a top banded bench to work through lower and middle sticking points. See saw rows for back strength and stability

• Secondary Option 1: Challenge! A push pull ladder with increasing weight and decreasing reps. Each week you try to get more weight, or more reps on each run of the ladder. Watch the video if a little confused.

• Core Finish 1:
Total reps finish hitting the whole core.

Upper Body Finish 2:
Face pull and mid pause curls

• Primary Option 1:
Cluster, or 531. We have been putting our more experienced lifters on 531 percentages for the last 6 months. As long as they are sticking TIGHT to their percentages all their lifts are getting much better.

Secondary Option 1: Get Strong and Resilient
Posterior chain movement for strength, single leg work for stability and skill transfer, Ab wheel for beating that core up.

• Finish 1:
Banded Hip raises with squeeze to burn out the glutes and hips, Anti-Rotation Chops to train the core under load.

DAY 3 FOCUS: Full body

• Primary Option 1:
Deadlift and Strict Press Or Push Press and Squats. You can mix and match these as much as you want. Keep most lifters on the shoulder pressing primary, If you have people doing more than 3x a week, or someone with crunchy shoulders, you can give them a floor press.

• Secondary Option 1:
Ladder down. Seated OH Press and a Pull Up.

• Finisher:
Upper is a whole bunch of Push-Ups and BPA's. Core finish is the Roman Chair press, brutal core strength and stability.

This bundle includes the following instructional videos: