Lockdown Lift Training Program

Keep your gym, your clients and yourself safe with this program designed to get people back on track slowly, while still having fun.

It also enables you to maintain safe social distancing and sanitization measures.


June (Social Distancing) 2020 Day 1: Upper Body

Primary Option 1:

1A) Bench: 5x5
1B) Chin-Up Or Row: 5x 5(Chin-Up)/10 (Row Supinated Grip)

Rest: 1-2 minutes between sets

Secondary Option 1: Strength: Go heavy, 2 minutes rest between rounds. Conditioning medium weights, go fast, 45-60 seconds rest between rounds
2A) Barbell Floor Press: 3x10
2B) Barbell Row:3x10
2C) Under Hand Band Pull Apart: 3x10
Alternating leg Raises: 3x10/10



Finish 1: Total Reps
In outs: 30
Marching Rotations: 30/30

Rest: Minimal

Finish 2: Total Reps
3A) Push-Up/ Tricep Press Down: 30
3B) Band Hammer Curl 30

Rest: Minimal, but take a bit, only what is needed for good weights and form


June (Social Distancing) 2020 Day 2: Lower Body

Primary Option 1:

1A) Squat: 5x5
1B) Hollow Body Hold: 5x5

Rest: 1-2 minutes between sets

Secondary Option 1:
2A) Chest Racked Reverse Lunge:3x10/10
2B) RDL/Ground Hip Raise: 3x12
2C) Pallof Press: 3x10/10

Rest: 1-2.5 minutes between sets


Hanging Leg Raise: 30

Rest: Minimal-1 minute between sets


June (Social Distancing) 2020 Day 3: Full Body

Rest: 1-2 minutes between sets:
Overhead Press: 5x5 (10 if KB)
1B) Deadlift: 5x5

Secondary Option 1:
2A) Wide Grip Barbell Row: 3x12
2B) KB Or Band Overhead Press: 3x12/12

2C) Suitcase Deadlift: 3x8/8
Rest: As needed, keep it under two minutes.

Finish Option 2:Core
Roman Chair Press: 30/30 (feet under barbell, use a plate for the weight)
Rest: Minimal