• Primary Option 1:
Squats, cluster or Lower percentages for the more burned out population. Lateral Band Walks to balance out the abductor work from last month and really make those hips and legs track well together.

Primary Option 2:
Lateral Band Walks first to get the hips activated and ready to fire off the box. Paused Box Squats for any client that is having trouble lifting from the bottom of the squat, or who lacks control or speed.

• Secondary Option 1: Gain that Ass ladies and gents
Cat Slide, or Trx leg Hamstring Curls for muscle activation, hip raise or Deadlift to tear those muscles down, and steps ups to finish the job. The Step Ups help the thighs and single leg power development as well as beating up the hamstrings.
Secondary Option 2: Conditioning, and muscle gain OR Strongman
Go fast and lighter, it is conditioning. Go heavy and take longer breaks, it is strongman. Sleds and carries, simple, effective.

Finish 1:
This is posterior chain burnout. Kill those glutes and spinal erectors. Made for people with a bit of experience.
Finish 2:
Core stabilization and muscle gain. Thigh Tap Planks for stabilization, a weight on the back or narrow feet make them harder. V-Situp, weight this if needed, and the high rep Hollow Body Bent Knee Raise for full burnout and hip control.
Categories: Monthly Training Program
Duration: 8:58
Formats: HD