DAY 3 FOCUS: Full body

• Primary Option 1:
Deadlift and STRICT Shoulder Press. Keep most lifters on the shoulder pressing primary, If you have people doing more than 3x a week, or someone with crunchy shoulders, you can give them the floor press.

• Primary Option 2:
Front Squat and Floor Press.

• Secondary Option 1: One sided lifting.
Good for body control, Muscle gain, and fat loss (if the intensity is high enough). Right side of the body does A,B and C, then the left side does A, B, and C. Then you take a break.
Dumbbell Cleans (no press). These are a chance to work the skill, and go heavier for a challenge. One Arm Row, and One Arm Floor Press (keep a solid ab brace here) .
Core Finish 1:
Structured carry made to challenge the body and force core and back engagement.

• Upper Body Finish 2:
Chest burn out push-ups (High Tension), Hammer Curls, and Face Pulls
Instructor:Trevor Smith
Categories: Monthly Training Program
Duration: 4:12
Formats: HD