DAY 1 FOCUS: Simple hard work, to build muscle, burn fat, and increase training skill. Keeping consistent off of the July program to bridge the people that have been training consistently with the people that have been on vacation.

• Primary Option 1:
• Start: Bench, Barbell, or Deadlifts. Vacation people start lighter and easier, ramp up with skill and intensity, not weights.

• Secondary Option 1: Strength and muscle gain option
Heavy decending rep Clean and Press, Wide Grip Pull-Ups, and Single Arm Floor presses.

Secondary Option 2: Conditioning and fat loss option
Full body burn, The harder the client goes, the more efficient it is. Dumbbell Clean to Press can be a Push Press as well. The rest is simple scale-able motions. Increase weight, intensity, or complexity.
Core Finish 1:
Ab Wheel and Hollow Body End Range Hold Presses (Stupid name, great exercise)

Upper Body Finish 2:
High Volume upper body finisher, hits the back, arms, and shoulders. More Tricep Focused
Categories: Monthly Training Program
Duration: 7:37
Formats: HD