DECEMBER 2019 Day 3: Full Body

DAY 3 FOCUS: Full body

• Primary Option 1:
Deadlift OR sumo deadlift (more hips) and Strict Press. Keep most lifters on the shoulder pressing primary, If you have people doing more than 3x a week, or someone with crunchy shoulders, you can give them the floor press.

• Primary Option 2:
Front Squat OR Back Squat, and Floor Press or bench press. Remember you can mix and match according to goals, make sure one upper body and one lower body movement is used.

• Secondary Option 1:
Ring Push-Up or DEEP Pushup (only for those with good shoulders), Ring Arm Cirles for shoulders and core, Cable OR Band 1-Arm Row.

Secondary Option 2:
Carries for conditioning.

• Finish 1:
Arm time

• Finish 2:
Weighted sit ups and heel touches. Do everything in one go for a challenge

Categories: Monthly Training Program
Duration: 8:46
Formats: HD