JANUARY 2019 Day 1

DAY 1 FOCUS: Getting stronger, and learning

• Primary Option 1:
• Start: Bench, cluster or Higher reps on week one to lower reps on week 4. 20 rep burnout set for a challenge. Bent over row, higher rep, or deadlifts.

• Primary Option 2:
Overhead presses for those that want to bring them up, and loaded chinups

• Secondary Option 1: Strength and muscle gain option
Dumbbell shoulder pressing chin-ups and loaded carry's. Simple, but very easy to make it a learning experience or a hard challenge.

Secondary Option 2: Conditioning and fat loss option
A simple and NASTY sandbag complex. Replace the sandbag rows with more squats to make it easier for brand new people.
Note: Aggressive intent, and speed make this efficient, good form ALLWAYS.
Categories: Monthly Training Program
Duration: 6:21
Formats: HD