JANUARY 2019 Day 2

DAY 2 FOCUS: Simple Strength or conditioning.

• Primary Option 1:
Squats, cluster or Higher reps on week one to lower reps on week 4. 20 rep burnout set for a challenge. One leg BSS Jumps for power and stability.

Primary Option 2:
Trapbar Deadlifts and KB swings. This is a great starting point for newbies. Both of the movements reinforce the same, proper movement pattern.

• Secondary Option 1:
High repetition Hip Raise and Glute Ham Raise. High reps does not mean low weights for your experienced lifters
Secondary Option 2:
Prowler and burpees...
Finish 1:
MORE PROWLER. Go for 40m at once, adjust load as needed.
Finish 2:
High tension ab work. Very simple to make harder or easier.
Categories: Monthly Training Program
Duration: 5:37
Formats: HD