JUNE 2019 DAY 1

DAY 1 FOCUS: Building on the foundations set last month, increaseing power and control. Ramping up the muscle growth and fat burn for summer.

• Primary Option 1:
• Start: Bench or Bottom Banded Bench, Single Arm Row, or Deadlifts. FOCUS ON BAR SPEED. If your lifts are feeling slow, this is likely why. Make that nervous system work for you. Bottom banded bench helps you push through mid to top sticking points in your/clients bench. Great for tightening up a loose bench press as well.

• Secondary Option 1: Strength and muscle gain option

Dumbbell Clean for power, add more weight now. Chin ups to build those arms and back, floor press to get that chest up.
Secondary Option 2: Conditioning and fat loss option
Full body burn, The harder the client goes, the more efficient it is. The Clean and is still a skill movement for newbies. let them take their time on that, the metabolic effect will still be strong. Experienced clients can crush this aggressively. Reverse lunge, add weight if needed, recline rows for the back, and Reverse cork screw for the abs. Regress the Cork Screw by eliminating the twist at the top.
Core Finish 1:
Hanging Lateral leg raise and paused Gymnast abs.

Upper Body Finish 2:
Dips or close grip pushup, for chest, shoulders, and triceps. Bicep curl with 3 second eccentric, BPA for shoulders, and Tricep Push-Downs as a burnout.
Categories: Monthly Training Program
Duration: 9:33
Formats: HD